Managing content in the Weekly app is very easy. In just a few minutes you will be able to operate the administration platform. See what options are available to the Weekly admin.

Content creation

You can enter your content in an intuitive editor. You can define user groups to whom information will be directed, as well as schedule postponed publications. But the most important thing is the ability to formulate engaging messages. We will teach you how to write short and interesting.


Control is the basis of trust 😉 At Weekly you can always check who has already read the news, who has passed the training, how the quiz was done and which issues users have the most trouble with. You can also compare which sales team is more active and assimilates knowledge better, e.g. about a new product offer. For those who are delayed, you send push notifications.

User management

You can do everything in an Excel file. Weekly user groups have a hierarchical structure, so individual content can be visible to specific levels of employees. We provide extensive data about individual users.

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